Raising Microworms

Denny Rogers – October 2017 I’ve been raising various live foods suitable for feeding to fish fry continuously for over 25 years.  During that time I’ve gone through a learning curve for each of the various foods.  I’ve tried many variations for raising each species, and over time I have discovered methods that have consistently work best for me. I’m going to discuss what I’ve learned about raising microworms which are probably one of the easiest live foods for beginners[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Everyone Likes Turtles

By Denny Rogers – 2018 Misc. Turtle Facts Fossil records show that turtles have been around for at least 250 million years.  Turtles found today will generally fall into 3 categories:  sea turtles, box turtles or tortoises, and freshwater aquatic or semi-aquatic turtles. Red eared slider turtles are scientifically identified as Trachemys scripta elegans, and are part of a group of similar sub-species generally called pond sliders which include yellow- bellied, red-eared, and Cumberland turtles.  They are found naturally from[…] Read the full article&#8594

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