American Flag Fish

Last May I wanted to try some of my tropical fish out in my ponds. I decided to try American Flag Fish because I hadn’t tried them before, and they are very attractive. I placed the fish in the pond in May, and didn’t see them all summer. I had removed the livebearers from another pond several weeks ago, and I was just looking in the pond where I had placed the Flag Fish last Spring when I saw 2 fry darting away. They were too small to catch using my minnow trap, so I had to wait until I could empty a 2L bottle so I could make my own trap. I’ve been pulling fish out of that tank ever since. I think I’m up to the mid-30’s so far, and will keep trying until it gets too cold. Amazing.

By Denny | October 24, 2011 @ 6:42 pm | No comments

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