Nashville, TN Zoo – July 10, 2014

Whenever we travel, I try to incorporate visits to local zoo’s into our itinerary. While traveling to Louisville, KY for the 2014 ACA convention, Gail decided we needed to tour Andrew Jackson’s home which was in Nashville. I visit zoos and she visits presidential homes and libraries. The Nashville Zoo is a relatively new zoo, or at least one that is just beginning to do some serious expanding. While it was marked pretty well, the layout did take a little while to figure out for a first time visitor. They had a nice selection of animals, animal artwork/statues for the kids (and Gail) to climb on, and as with most zoos, a train to give you an overview of the grounds. The zoo was being built on some donated land, and the grounds included a tour of the house of the two sisters who owned the land (Gail took that tour, but to me these old houses are just old houses). Our opinion was that this zoo is doing a lot of things right, and should continue to improve as long as they continue to follow their vision for the future. Denny

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