Visit to the Louisville Zoo

As a continuation of our trip to the 2014 Louisville ACA, we also stopped at the Louisville Zoo. My GPS was giving me fits, and kept trying to make me enter via a service entrance, but we did finally figure it out. I’ve got mixed opinions on the Louisville Zoo. It was very difficult for us to find our way around to the various exhibits even with the map. Many of the paths were not marked well, we We ended up doing a lot of backtracking. Our impression was that they didn’t take care of their vegetation and grounds as well as a lot of zoos we’ve been to either. Having said all that, I will have to say that I ended up taking more pictures there than at many zoos. I don’t know whether that had to do with the cage layouts or the selection of animals, but obviously something was right.

One observation about zoos in general is that I suspect they are going to have to start designing their layouts with photographers in mind. So many displays at many zoos are constructed so that the view of the animals is obstructed by bars or wire screens. For normal viewing, that’s not too bad, but it does make for crappy photographs.

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