American Livebearer Association Convention 2017

Gail and I (along with several other members of NWAAS) were able to attend the 2017 American Livebearer Association Conventionin St. louis this past weekend. Because of the large amount of rain fall and flooding last week, it was a little bit of a challenge to get there, but well worth the effort. There were several opportunities, both scheduled and unofficial, to obtain fish, and we all took advantage of that fact. Our NWAAS president said he had purchased 21 different species. We’ll have to be looking for these in our club in the future, assuming he’s successful spawning them.

I was able to get several different species that I had been looking for, so it was also successful from my point of view. I was able to acquire 6 Apistogramma mc masteri, some tuxedo swordtails, a gallon of daphnia magna, some CPO dwarf orange crayfish, Chap. eucaustus (Goodied), and some Amecia splendens which didn’t make it home. Gail managed to pick up a group of Lyretailed mollies. Overall, it was a very successful trip for us, and we’re looking forward to similar future excursions later this year.

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