Preparing for a Tropical Fish Swap Meet

I’ve been involved in several tropical fish swap meets over the years.  Since I’ve never been physically close to the location of these swap meets, I’ve always had to get up very early in the morning to catch and bag the fish I was taking, and stay up late once I got home, putting away the fish that either didn’t sell or I had purchased.  Since I’m just naturally lazy and value efficiency, I spent a lot of time thinking[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Local Collecting Trip to War Eagle Mill

This past week, several members of NWAAS went on a collecting trip to War Eagle Mill, which is a local site on one of the streams running into Beaver Lake (AR). We had two main objectives on this trip. First was to get material for a program presentation at the NWAAS May meeting. We also wanted to show that local sites were a very viable option for a native collecting trip. You’ll have to come to the meeting for a[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Protomelas taeniolatus – Super Red Empress

I traded with another hobbyist in KC this weekend for 4 Super Red Empress. Supposed to be 1 male and 3 females, but after I got them home, it looks to me like at least one of the supposed females is a male. I’ve had them before, and they are a truly beautiful fish. My only problem was that it took more than 9 months for the males to start coloring up, and then it was only one at a[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Homemade Water Pump

I’ll be one of the speakers for the NWAAS January meeting on Saturday, January 14, 2012. This will be held at 6:30pm in the Rogers Police Department Community Room. I’ll be talking on making a water pump and vacuum pump out of PVC pipe and fittings. I’ve already made the vacuum pump, and will be making the water pump in the next few weeks, so I can get some pictures of the process. Come to the meeting if you’d like[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Running Around As If The World Is Ending

I finally found out what that means, at least as far as my chickens are concerned. I was in my office the other day, and suddenly heard just an awful commotion from the chickens – much more than usual. I looked out and could see them running all around while screeching at the top of their lungs. I went out on the deck to see what was happening, and a hawk was flying away. The chickens had finally all run[…] Read the full article&#8594

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