American Flag Fish

Last May I wanted to try some of my tropical fish out in my ponds. I decided to try American Flag Fish because I hadn’t tried them before, and they are very attractive. I placed the fish in the pond in May, and didn’t see them all summer. I had removed the livebearers from another pond several weeks ago, and I was just looking in the pond where I had placed the Flag Fish last Spring when I saw 2[…] Read the full article&#8594

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I think Corey and I have finally gotten some EBJD’s to “selling” size. We’re going to pick up an EBJD male to go with one of our BG females, which should increase our yield of the EBJD’s.

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I’ve watched a few episodes of the new show “Tanks”, and I’ll have to admit that I’m not impressed. It seems like Curly and Mo are making aquariums for people who have more money than sense. I don’t know why people don’t seem to have any imagination or vision on their own, but have to pay someone to tell them what they like. I guess I personally like a more natural look, too, and that’s probably coloring my judgement to[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Rogue Chicken

We occasionally let the chickens out to free-range. When we got back from Iowa last time, we let them out, but I mis-counted, and one of the chickens got left outside the coop. She decided she didn’t want to go back in, and stayed out for 12 nights. We’re surprised nothing got her, but last night Gail was able to coax her back into the coop. We both feel much better with her being in the coop when we’re out[…] Read the full article&#8594

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Raising Peacocks My Way

Introduction: I started keeping Peacocks (Aulonacara) and Haplochromis type fish about 5-6 years ago.  I had been raising angels using RO water previously, but had just suffered through a bout of the angel fish plague.  I finally decided I should be keeping fish that liked my natural water conditions rather than jump through hoops to provide water conditions that aren’t coming out of the tap.  At that same time, I ran across a Peacock at the LFS that was labeled[…] Read the full article&#8594

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